Photoshop has numerous tools for making selections and layer masks.  This tutorial covers all the tools necessary for mastering selections and masking when editing and retouching in Photoshop.

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Fake milk can be made with Elmer's Glue

to create fantastic splash images, incorporating different food elements.  This tutorial covers the process of shooting milk splashes and compositing in Photoshop.

Dropping paint in water gives an ethereal

looking subject to shoot.  In this tutorial, we cover the process of shooting paint clouds and how to composite them with objects to create vibrant images.

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Ice cream can be tricky to photograph due to it's low melting point.  In this tutorial I show you how to make fake ice cream using cake icing and powdered sugar.

Using an Ikea Lazy Susan and some tailoring measuring tape you can make a simple turntable for 360 product photography.  Perfect for video or virtual product players.

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In-depth tutorial on shooting and editing jewelry, specifically rings.  Covers everything you need to know with shooting tips, focus stacking and retouching techniques perfect for high volume images used in e-commerce.

Photographing sunglasses can be tricky due to the reflective nature of the lenses, but this tutorial covers everything you need to know for shooting and editing images of sunglasses for e-commerce.

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Using some spare parts from a Meade Telescope you can enhance your regular slider for controlled motorized movements.