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Sunglass Photography -Shooting and Editing Sunglasses

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I used to work as the Studio Manager at a company called Frames Data. We would photograph up to 30,000 frames a year for several brands such as Chromehearts, Champion, Ann Taylor, and many more. Shooting such a high volume of product images becomes more of a science than an art, which creates a workflow similar to a factory with product coming in and finalized images coming out, ensuring color accuracy and matching angles for different colorways.

I made this tutorial video to cover some of the basics when setting up for a high volume product workflow. While products shot on white backgrounds are not the most interesting subject for photography, e-commerce and the need for product images continues to grow every year so any photographer starting out in their career may end up in an e-commerce shooting situation at one point or another.

There's different setups for different angles and depending on the final result you'll use a variety of approaches. These images show the breakdown for a lighting setup used when you want to keep the natural shadows below the frames while also keeping highlights and fill on the product. In the video I demonstrate each step of the lighting setup and how each one affects the final image.

Pathing is also very important with this level of volume. Since you'll use Actions in Photoshop you want to ensure that all paths created highlight the same areas so you can have each editable file ready to go with the individual elements isolated. With sunglasses you want to eliminate the information inside the frame while also making a separate path to re-create the sunglass lens.

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