• Jordan Carrasquillo

Splash Photography At Home: Photoshoot and Photoshop Tutorial

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I had a lot of fun making this tutorial video for B&H. This is the first tutorial I produced for them and it's quite long, but very informative. I wanted to cover the entire process of making a milk splash image, showing how to create a fake milk and compositing an image together.

The setup was pretty simple, just a glass of fake milk sitting on black acrylic. I used colored gels for the background to give a blue hue that matches the Oreo logo. I had a clear acrylic cube which was dropped into the cup and kept my hand on the camera trigger to catch the splash. It took dozens of splashes and a lot of mess to get the right shapes.

The Oreo's are mounted to wooden dowels and held in place in different arrangements, which are then removed from the background and composited in Photoshop. I also had to do some compositing on the milk splashes, adding some arms to the splashes to make a "crown" shape. I did several versions and arrangements, some with milk pouring into the glass or splashing onto the Oreos.

I wanted to display the different methods of compositing in Photoshop but also included an image critique at the end of the video showing how to analyze a composite image and know when you've gone too far. For most commercial work these days, less is always more.

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