• Jordan Carrasquillo

Paint Cloud Photos At Home: Photography Tips and Photoshop Tutorial

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

For this tutorial I produced for B&H I wanted to demonstrate how to shoot clouds of paint and composite them into a product. This was a fun project that utilized my 10 gallon fish tank and a ton of paint.

The setup is fairly simple, a few softboxes and a lot of paint.

I manually shot the images with my finger on the shutter and pressing as I dropped paint into the water with a syringe. I used a 1 part paint to 4 part water mixture to get the right consistency on the paint to make a nice plume.

After shooting I took different clouds and composited them together into a combination of colors. This is a really easy and fun DIY project for shooting at home.

I'm pretty happy with the final result, which looks like colored pencils shooting out colors. Check out the tutorial video to see how the composite was made and color matched to the pencils.

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