• Jordan Carrasquillo

27" iMac 2020 & 12.9” iPad Pro 2020: Great for Tethered Shooting & Photo Retouching!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I was able to do a review video on the 2020 27" iMac as well as the 2020 iPad Pro for B&H. The new line of iMacs are pretty cool and very fast but I was mostly impressed by the iPad Pro.

I was able to wirelessly tether my Canon 6D to the iPad Pro and then edit in Photoshop on the iPad. I've never used an iPad before and I have to say I was really, really impressed. The mobile version of Photoshop is still ways away from the desktop version but it's definitely closing the gap.

You can hear me snacking in the background between takes, but I was able to set up in the studio with both the iMac and iPad Pro. I did a few test shoots on some jewelry and then did a demo on the mirrored display pairing with the iMac and iPad as well as adding some touch to the iMac utilizing the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Even though I've switched to PC in recent years, if I had the money I'd definitely switch to a combo like this. The iPad is an almost perfect replacement for my Wacom Tablet.

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